How to Perform Android Tweaks on Your Android Phone

android tweaks for battery performance

How to Perform Android Tweaks on Your Android Phone

If you are tired of your old and boring Android phone, then you can perform some Android tweaks to improve the performance of your device. You can make the most out of your Android phone by performing a series of small and simple tweaks to increase the speed, memory size and the functionality of your phone. You can perform a single change or a combination of several small and big changes to make your phone more efficient in terms of battery life. There is a lot of software available on the market that will enable you to do some of these tweaks. Here are some of the most common Android tweaks that you can perform to enhance the battery life of your device:

Camera Settings – You can tweak the camera settings to take better pictures. You can use the optical zoom feature as an instance of a complex Android tweak. The optical zoom feature can distort your pictures if you are taking photos with poor lens clarity. You can disable the optical zoom in order to take better pictures. You can also increase the file size of your video’s to reduce the size of your storage.

Application Permissions – You can perform a series of small and simple tweaks to limit the usage of certain applications. For example, you can turn off the uninstall option for any application that you do not want to be removed from your device. You can also change the permission of certain applications to read and write to the internal memory of your device. You can find a large list of application permissions in the developer settings of your Android devices. You can use these Android tweaks to enhance your system performance.

System Tweaks – You can tweak the overall system performance by altering various system settings like the boot load time and the performance of the device. The system tweaks can be performed individually or you can combine them into a multi-step program to get the best result. There are a number of different system tweaks that you can perform. For example, you can increase the space available RAM of your device or increase the period of turn off trial periods. There are some other tweaks that you can choose to make like disabling all unnecessary service applications.

You can also use the built in backup and restore feature of your Android devices. This will allow you to revert to a previous state if you want. Similarly, you can undo your tweaks if you want to undo any modifications that you have made. You can tweak the same way as you can perform other tweaks like installation of additional applications or deleting some applications. The only difference is that you cannot uninstall some apps to remove them from your device.

Security tweaks – To avoid the theft of your device you should keep it protected from unwanted intrusion like spyware or malware. android devices come with their own security measures like anti spyware and anti virus apps. You can also download some free security apps to keep your android devices free from any security threat.

There are many android forums that provide a complete list of the apps that are available for alteration and tweaking your device. Some of these apps are free, while some are paid. You need to determine your skill and requirements before downloading any app. Performing a thorough research about the various tweaks available for your android handset will help you arrive at the right choice.

With so many android devices available in the market it is easy to get confused about which android device tweak to use. You must consider the need of your android device and the features that you want to include in it. Also look at the price of the tweak. Choosing the right one for your device will make your life much easier and you will not spend a lot of time in choosing the best android tweaks for your devices. So, what are you waiting for?

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